A Statement on the situation in America and its global meaning. 

We are keeping you updated on our work in the Rio de Janeiro communities, and the progress of our children on all our various projects. 

We must start, however, with a statement on the situation in America, which has placed a spotlight on the racist and aggressive treatment of minority ethnicities across the world. 

The death of George Floyd is a tragedy, a murder, and not an isolated occurrence.

We must remember that the prejudice against BAME people in all parts of the globe has been systemic and continued, and has not begun in the last week. 

We as an organization will always stand up for the marginalized, the mistreated, and the disaffected. We will speak out against the injustice suffered daily at the hands of aggressive police forces, negligent governments, and people who display or ignore racism in any form.

The fact we must constantly state BLACK LIVES MATTER is a horrendous indictment on those who don’t understand or follow such a simple message. A message that should never need to be sent.

We stand with Minnesota.
We stand with those who have no voice.
We stand with everyone who has suffered at the hands of racism. 

                 Brazil - COVID19

Brazil now has the 4th highest death toll in the world, touching 30,000 recorded deaths, and has still not reached its peak.

America has sent two million does of Hydroxychloroquine, a medicine that is still unproven to have health benefits against Coronavirus, in a startling move to defend the country against the further spread. 

President Bolsonaro is fighting against what he calls “The tyranny of total quarantine”, in an attempt to keep the economy afloat. This comes in direct contrast to medical research, and even the advice of the Pope, who this weekend stated that personal health is more important than economic health. 

The Pope has also spoken out against the damage caused in Amazonas, where the infection rate has rocketed and health systems are underfunded and failing. 

ACE Projects in Rio de Janeiro

Our superb local leaders are doing everything they can in their communities to help relieve the stress and difficulty the favelas are facing. 

Gaugi, our community leader in Mandela, has been delivering food packages to families, which provide a month of essential items for a whole family. 

Tamires, head of Playlife football for Girls in Vidigal, has also been delivering ‘cestas basicas’ to her community, making sure that she helps those who are most in need. She has also been showing the kids how to make homemade footballs, to keep them entertained at home!

We have delivered 245 packages to over 1000 people in 7 favelas. But there is so much more to do. Over 70% of the families we work with have lost employment during COVID, and they need our support. 

We have hosted stay home samba classes with @sambalicious, and breakdancing sessions with @JP Black Soul, to keep our followers and supporters engaged with our projects in Rio, making sure the kids are still expanding their skills and discovering new talents. 

The Mango Tree Hostel and others have been running campaigns in partnership with ACE Projects to deliver emergency food packages. We have just given our 249th food package which supplies a family with all the essential foods for a month. 

We still need your help

To all of you who have donated, we thank you for helping us protect our communities. Every donation goes a long way to keeping families safe and fed, removing the stresses that may force them into dangerous situations during this time. If you would like to donate please follow the donate now button below with anything you can spare. 

If you or your business would like to run a campaign for us, that would also be incredible. We can set the whole thing up, leaving you to do nothing other than share our work on your newsletter and with your following. 

We hope you are keeping safe and well, and we cannot wait for our projects to be back up and running and show you how much our kids love to be back together again. 

Until then, thank you for your support. 


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