How We Do It

Connect & Accelerate Local Leaders

ACE offers a salary and space to motivated local social leaders looking to make fundamental changes in their communities.

Provide Structure and Stability

We provide, structure to local social projects and initiatives, putting in powerful KPI measuring tools and leaving local leaders to do what they do best; make an impact.

Empower Tomorrows Leaders

The world is changed by those who think differently, ACE is working with current change makers to motivate the next generations.

| COVID-19 | Food Kits & Face Masks |

We have been very fortunate to have support from all over the world which has enabled us to feed over 1000 people for an entire month spread across 7 favelas. Each family also received a sanitation kit and soap.

We would be delighted at any support you might be able to provide us aiding the re-opening of ACE Projects and continued support for vulnerable families through these uncertain times.

The Future of Brazil starts
in the Favelas.