ACE  provides Structure and Stability

By offering Community Leaders a space, structure and salary, ACE empowers and connects those who want to make a difference in their communities and in the lives of the next generation.

Inspiring the new generation of Leaders

The world is changed by those who think differently. Behind all our current social leaders driving the ideological change is an inspired child, a child who had their perspective changed at a young age.

Our goal at ACE is to inspire as many children from marginalized communities as possible; to be different, to reject the status quo and build a future that they are included in.

ACE Projects in Numbers.


Hrs of extra-curricular education every month


Last month, ACE offered 37,500 hours of extra-curricular education and inspiration to the favela-based community.


Local Leaders


Since its founding date, ACE has catered to 22 local community leaders, giving them a platform to carry out their brilliant  work. Currently, ACE is consistently working with 17 leaders on a daily basis.


No. of Students


ACE has catered to over 2,500 favela based students. Currently, we have 300 students coming through ACE Projects weekly.


Amount Invested


Every month, ACE invests in the local community via supporting local businesses for supplies, food and transportation, as well as investing in the local community through social leaders salaries and training.


No. of Favelas


Currently, ACE Projects are located in 5 favelas across the city. It is our vision to work in more communities across Rio de Janeiro and, in time, Brazil.

ACE Projects Rio de Janeiro

ACE Projects are spread far and wide across the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the form of centers, classrooms or sports courts, these impact spaces offer vital alternatives and safe havens for Local Leaders and their students.

It is our mission, to accelerate as many local projects across Brazil as possible, adopting one after the other and truly accelerating community driven empowerment from the ground up. But we need your help.

| COVID-19 | Food Kits & Face Masks |

We have been very fortunate to have support from all over the world which has enabled us to feed over 1000 people for an entire month spread across 7 favelas. Each family also received a sanitation kit and soap.

We would be delighted at any support you might be able to provide us aiding the re-opening of ACE Projects and continued support for vulnerable families through these uncertain times.

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The Future of Brazil starts
in the Favelas.